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Orion Wines - Rocca del Dragone Rocca del Dragone

Rocca in Italian means a high fortified stronghold, a place of refuge, somewhat like a small castle.
Today, high up on Monte Petrino, a mountain which overlooks the small town of Mondragone, lie the ruins of an ancient Rocca which was named Rocca del Dragone by the Normans during the Middle Ages. The Rocca probably got its name originally from its proximity to the town - Mondragone.

However, one local legend has it that on Monte Petrino, which overlooks the town of Mondragone, lived a dragon. The locals, fearful of its intents, wanted to hunt it down and kill it. The dragon however, who wanted no more than to be left alone and was peaceful, built himself this Rocca to protect himself from the fury of the locals. The people were never able to break through the Rocca and never managed to kill the dragon. Some locals say that you can still hear him on Monte Petrino on the windiest of evenings...


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